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  • Prince Airstick 130 Squash Racket
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Prince Airstick 130 Squash Racket

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 Product Description for Prince Airstick 130 Squash Racket

The Prince Airstick 130 has definitely caused a lot of head scratching for brands such as Prince , Head and Dunlop over the years and all this because of a certain talented individual named Ramy Ashour. Not known to many people , but this racket was Ramy Ashour's choice of racket during the early part of his career. Despite Head sponsoring Ramy in 2008, he continued to use this head light Prince racket for tournament play painted as a Head Racket. After being sponsored by Prince the extensively used this racket rampaging through the squash circuit , winning numerous titles and pounding a plethora of backhand overhead volleys into the nick with the Airstick 130. Due to certain contractual issues , Ramy went on be sponsored by Dunlop in the early part of 2011, using various different Dunlop rackets and not being happy with any of them until they started modelling various rackets to his favorite Airstick 130. Ramy finally re-conciled with Prince and his trustee Airstick 130 in the early part of 2013. The Airstick 130 feels absolutely superb while playing volleys and for attacking balls at the front. It has Prince's Power Ring stringing technology enhancing the power and control of the racket. A major draw back as a result of the racket's stringing pattern and head shape is a slightly small sweetspot. Although an intermediate racket , this racket does need some time getting used to. Another drawback we feel is that the factory string's feel really dead after a month's play and we suggest switching to the Technifibre 305. This was also the configuration Ramy played with. An extremely fun racket to play with for any level of play. This racket is a must buy for any Ramy Ashour fan , with flicks,volley nicks and deceptive drives all easily acheivable by this racket. Is well priced and a great buy !

Level - Intermediate Head Size - 74.5 sq in / 480 sq cm Frame Weight - 130 g Balance - Head Light Composition - Graphite Tension - 20 - 30 lbs Grip - Duratac+ Indoor Beam Width - 20-18 mm Throat - Open Strings - Prince Nylon String Pattern - 16 x 17 Played by - Ramy Ashour

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  1. Adit Kumar
    31st Dec 2014
    Verified Buyer

    "Great for someone who's used to prince rackets. Extremely whippy and powerful

  2. Alfons Jose
    31st Dec 2014
    Verified Buyer
    Ramy's Racket and it delivers

    "I bought this racket being a Ramy Ashour fan boy. Looking to change my game and be more dynamic in my shots like Ramy, the air-stick was very maneuverable and easy to control.

    Initially the racket was a disappointment with the factory strings. I changed to a 1.18 gauge string and it become a dream to play afterward giving me a lot of control and feel. I've recommended this racket to 5 of my other friends in my club and now we're all synchronized. A very popular racket since it suites any level of play.

    Still looking for the Black and Gold liverly though since that's the one Ramy uses, heard it's not in stock in India anymore."